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gamerDNA Desktop - 1920x1200

“Fresh pixels for the amazing gamerDNA community. Yummy to your PC's tummy!”

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gamerDNA Desktop - 1920x1200. Get the pixels while they're hot!
Nice. Desktopped twice.
super HOT
I don't know what's better, this image or the hilarious photoshop recolors that are bound to come out....I'm trusting you on this, community!
too sexy
w00t, { Adding to Library }
That's awesome. It's also now the wallpaper for both of my laptops and my desktop. gDNA ftw!
Update! ChangeAgent clued this Mac user into how your PC's task bar collides with the gamerDNA logo. Go here for the new one at 1920x1200.


Other sizes available at my profile;
- 1680x1050
- 1280x768
- 1024x768
Wow. Just wow. I absolutely adore it! Great work on this. Desktopped.
Very nice, and the perfect fit for my screen :)
I inspected it a number of times now, and I'm still not quite sure what it is I'm looking at, but it is a nice image. :)
Nice, non-obtrusive background.
Pretty!! I'll stick to my Rikku collage for now though. =^_^=
helow......as put themes in my count
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